Flower Power: A Primer on Hydrosols

June 21, 2018

A Rose By Any Other Name

The magic of hydrosols is widely regarded the world over, and they are known by many names. Also called floral waters, they smell just as sweet. Whether the name you use is inspired by natural science or by romance, both terms refer, essentially, to the same beautiful thing.

Whatever your favorite terminology, hydrosols are considered by many to be a miracle remedy for a wide variety of skin ailments. They also serve to enhance one's established beauty and self-care routine. Certain varieties can even be put to use in the kitchen as tempting culinary accents.

Hydrosols are created using a time-tested steam distillation method, similar to the process used for extracting essential oils from plants. Blossoms, leaves, and other parts of the plants are utilized, and as in the wisdom of nature, nothing goes to waste. The essential oils float to the top, while the distillate or watery essence of the plant remains on the bottom. It is these aromatic elixirs that we use in the carefully crafted recipes we bring to you.

The Nature of Floral Waters

Hydrosols are much less concentrated than their pure essential oil sisters, at less than 1%. This feature makes them much safer and gentler to use for those with sensitive skin. Hydrosols are water-based, as one may aptly guess from their name. This is an extremely helpful attribute for those whose aim is to treat blemishes and oily skin.

Facials in Flower Essence

The benefits of incorporating a hydrosol into your daily routine are plenty. Before you even apply them to your face, you will likely take a moment to appreciate their lovely scents with a deep inhale. They are useful for all skin types and as treatment for times when you need a some extra soothing or a little pick-me-up. Hydrosols can be used as a mist on your face and body, or in the room to brighten and inspire.

We know you deserve only the best in your natural skin care. Beware of cheap, imitation hydrosol versions that may be shipped from faraway places. Since hydrosols are water-based, they are perishable if distilled incorrectly.

At Hello Cider, we work closely with local USDA certified organic farmers, in direct support of their valuable tradition. Fresh floral blossoms, leaves and other parts of plants are picked and distilled right at the time of harvest, when they are at their therapeutic peak. It is then that we can best bring our botanical alchemy direct to you.

Hello Cider offers you a thoughtful collection of hydrosols to delight any complexion or skin type. The therapeutic nature of each balanced formulary has been tested and quality assured. All products are 100% pure. We use only USDA certified organic ingredients. As part of our continued commitment to sustainability for our shared environment, our products are 100% vegan and we never use animal testing. In short, Hello Cider presents a purity you can trust, made in small batches with great love in Austin, Texas.

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