Organic cooling cucumber facial spray


Say hello to your new favorite hydrosol of Cucumber.

Organic Cucumber hydrosol is the steam distillate water from the fresh organic fruit of Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber). Our new Cucumber hydrosol has a wonderful green herbal scent with great cooling and refreshing fruit.

Hello Cider Organic Cucumber hydrosol is excellent for all day use, as facial toner during summer heat to help sooth, tone, hydrate with wonderful nourishing properties.  All hydrosols & ACV are lower pH and 100% water-based properties help skin naturally hydrate & retain moisture throughout the day. Revive dehydrate skin with our organic nutrient-rich botanical and antioxidant packed botanicals. 

Skin Type 

Blemished, oily, combination

100% Natural plant-based & water-based ingredients

Organic USDA Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) hydrosol

How to use
Mist as refreshing cooling spray, gentle to use for all skin types. A lovely face toner to use throughout the day to rehydrate. Take this amazing hydrosol with you to the beach, camping trip. Great for cooling sunburn, refreshing after outdoor activities. 

  • No oils, parabens, phthalates

  • No artificial fragrances, synthetic colors or dyes

  • No animal testing, 100% vegan

  • USDA certified ingredients from small organic farms in the US  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sadie Gadwood

Very refreshing

Cheryl Wolfram

Great product!!

Amy Bredesen
The new cucumber hydrosol smells so yummy

I’m loving the new cucumber hydrosol.

My new favorite!

I have tried every hydrosol and my favorites are cucumber, rose, lavender, blood orange and tea tree!

Jackie S Rodriguez
Using to cool from the sun

I loved this new hydrosol! I hadn't thought to use it until my husband and I got a little sunburnt after the pool. We sprayed some on our face and back and instantly felt cooler and refreshed. Most importantly, it didn't burn at all! Thanks, Hello Cider!