Botanical Floral Face Toner

Why Floral Hydrosols?

The skin serves diligently as the body's largest organ, protecting us day and night. Naturally, it deserves to be pampered with an organic botanical beauty regimen. Hydrosols are a key component of a healthful beauty routine. They are unmistakably refreshing, uplifting, and inspiring. But what exactly is a floral hydrosol?

Hydrosol, from the Latin for 'water solution', is known by many names. Also called floral waters, plant waters, and hydrolates, hydrosols are a lovely feature of one's beauty routine by any name. As an aromatic product of thesteam distillation process, hydrosols are closely related to essential oils. In fact, essential oils are a co-product of the hydrosol itself.

The Petal and the Stem

Like essential oils, a plant's volatile components are included in its hydrosol, but they become much more tolerable to the skin in this gentler form. While some undiluted essential oils may irritate, hydrosols are healing and rejuvenating to the skin. Hydrosols make wonderful toners for beautifying and capturing that fresh, bright look.

Floral waters are not just made of flowers. They may also include other parts of plants, introducing added therapeutic benefits. Though the name sings with poetry, flower water is somewhat of a misnomer. They can incorporate leaves, stems, bark, roots, and more. The selected parts of each plant contribute to the nourishment of the final product.

Nature's Gift

The healing and therapeutic properties of herbal distillates are vast and varied, and their benefits are abundant. Many are anti-inflammatory (such asLemongrass Hydrosol), antiseptic (as inLavender Hydrosol), and anti-bacterial (likeGerman Chamomile Hydrosol), usually with a combination of several incredible qualities. Hello Cider adds a special touch to our hydrosols, incorporating 100% organic Apple Cider Vinegar, helping to keep skin clear and vibrant.

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