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Prompt shipping and beautiful packaging

We just recieved our first order. It was beautifully wrapped with a personalized handwritten note. I'm really excited for my son to start using these after football practice, as he has developed some acne from his chin strap. I will update on how they do as he starts to use them, but I am very happy so far!

Lovely and effective

The vanilla rose clay mask smells wonderful and makes my skin smooth. It has a very nice, delicate scent. The mask easily mixes to a creamy consistency. I mix the mask with filtered water or a floral hydrosol. Just purchased my third bottle of the vanilla rose mask. Highly recommend!


Probably one of my favorite serums! I love combining it with my moisturizer, and my skin feels so soft and glowy! I use it morning and night. I have also noticed that my acne scars are not as noticeable after consist use.

My Go To Cleanser

I love this face wash! I have struggled with acne since middle school (I’m 28 now) and this is the first cleanser I have used that actually clears up my breakouts! I use it morning and night, and follow with either the facial wipes or the acne facial toner, and then my rose and rose hip oil with my facial moisturizer!


I love this stuff! At night I use it on a cotton pad, follow with the rose and rose hip oil followed by my moisturizer. In the morning my skin is so soft and glowy! For my morning regimen, I spray it directly on my face before my moisturizer, and it feels so refreshing!

Lavender Hyrdrosol

Great product!

My son likes these so I got him more. Not sure how he will like the larger sized pads. We will see.

Good product

They dont give me what I order. These past two orders I did this year. They didn’t give me exactly what I order. Keep giving me something that I didn’t order. The face pads are good, been using it for 2 years now. If they would of gave me what I order I would rate this a 5

acne pads

like using them several times a day - my rosacea is mainly over the noces around the mouth and sides of chin... the pads help with oils

Face Roller Rose Quartz

I have been using the Face Roller for a month now. I was starting to get dark circles under my eyes. After using the roller for just a few days I started to see results. The darkness has lighted considerably. I love this product.


My grandma had ordered my these face pads after I had been struggling with some pretty severe and painful breakouts. There was some initial burn to certain areas, but after a few uses that stopped (I do have sensitive skin). I have since bought another container, the charcoal bar soap, rose and rose hip oil, and a couple different toners. My skin has NEVER looked this good!! I am ecstatic about my results, and have found my staple skincare routine! Thank you Hello Cider!

First Use

I have only used it once so far, but I loved it. The application is nice, and my skin was soft and glowing afterward. I look forward to seeing continued results!

One of my FAVORITES!

I love the hello cider ACV wipes. They’ve been a part of my essential routine for about 3 years now! They’re a safe, effective way to tone and cleanse. They help keep me breakout-free and brighten up my complexion. Plus, when ordering straight from the site, the Hello Cider team often sends handwritten notes and extra gifts and they are so heartwarming and lovely! Truly one of my favorite companies in existence right now - and with all the options out there it is awesome to have one that sticks out as a reliable, high quality source for skin goodies. Thank you Hello Cider team!


My skin has not looked this good since I was a child. I am so grateful for this product!!!! 10/10

Wonderful Products from Hellocider

I have been using several products from Hellocider for less than a month, and my skin has never looked and felt so wonderful! I am using the Green Tea serum along with the lemongrass, peppermint hydrosol and my skin has completely changed in such a short time! My wrinkles on my forehead have almost vanished and my skin stays moisturized from morning until the night! I have never had such soft skin! I have tried so many products over the years and none even come close to these two products! They are so simple to use and it on takes a few minutes in the morning to get ready for the day. I have ordered several different hydrosols to try in the future, but I’m definitely going to keep these two products as my go to products since they are remarkably effective!!! I even have my husband using the Green Tea syrum now and he loves it! I can’t say enough about how wonderful my skin looks and feels! I recommend 100% effective!!! I give it 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Love it

This formula is great for my total body. I use it everywhere for a nice clean feel and it helps to even my skin. 3 years of consistent!


Nice smell, make my skin feel wonderful.


Great face bar, doesn’t dry out my skin, great quality! Will buy again.


I really enjoyed these products!!! Thank you

ACV Acne Face Wipe
Sergey Martynov

Well, I’ll let you know. I didn’t try it yet.

Great product!

I purchase these for my junior in college. He’s used them since high school and cannot be without. We tried many other popular brands and couldn’t find anything that kept the acne away and didn’t irritate his sensitive skin. I tell you, he swears by them! One pad a day and he’s acne free! Shipping is so quick! You won’t regret this purchase!

Love them

Gift Set Rose/Charcoal/Green Tea Facial Sponges
Michelle P
Soft and smooth!

I use the sponge twice a day and absolutely love how smooth my skin feels. You will notice a difference after the first use.

I'm addicted!

I feel like I've tried every pad on the market and these are far and away the best. Yes the scent is very strong, but they work wonders on my skin without feeling harsh. I'm definitely a happy customer.

Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Face Pads

I am 69 years old and started using the pads to restore the natural PH to my skin.
I absolutely love them. So easy to use and my skin is so soft!