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If a blossom could speak, what would she whisper? If you could listen close enough to hear her language, could you learn her treasured secrets?

We welcome you to Hello Cider,  Austin-based purveyors of the very finest in organic, all-natural botanical skin care and beauty products.

We believe that Mother Nature works her best magic when we are most attuned to her path. Countless lessons can be gathered from the beautiful balance, delicacy, and power of the natural world. Like all loving relationships, we walk in partnership with the Earth's ancient wisdom. In our modern era, abuzz with practices in direct opposition to the natural way, Hello Cider harkens back to a simpler time.

Ever heard the expression "An apple a day?" Apple cider vinegar is an incredible regenerative remedy. The elixir can be taken internally or applied topically for many ailments. Hippocrates, widely regarded as the "father of modern medicine," was curious about natural processes and used apple cider vinegar for its multitude of healing properties. Apple cider vinegar hosts bioactive components such as malic acid, making the liquid both antioxidant and antimicrobial. As such, apple cider vinegar is perfect for your everyday skin care routine.

We also create floral waters for skin care. Also known as hydrosols or hydrolates, we employ a time-tested distillation process for flowers, leaves, and many other parts of different plants, always organic. The floral waters share many of the same therapeutic values as essential oils, but are less concentrated and water based.

At Hello Cider, we set a very high standard for purity with each of our offerings. Every product is carefully balanced and is always free of harmful parabens, artificial fragrances and questionable ingredients. We work closely with 100% USDA certified organic farmers in the US to source our botanicals. We believe that setting a high standard from the source will bring you the very best in skin and beauty care.

Hello Cider was born simply from a mother's love, creating homemade beauty products for our very own daughter. We invite you to join us on our journey back to the gentle power of nature's remedies.

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Say Hello Cider, Hello Healthy Glowy Skin!

Mai Nguyen-Haselman 

Hello Cider Chemist/Founder/Mom of Teens/ Breast Cancer Survivor