Organic German Chamomile Floral Facial Spray


If we have to pick a favor hydrosol, this would be our #1 love. Organic German Chamomile Floral Toner Hydrosol is the steam distillate aromatic floral water from the fresh flowers of German-Matricaria Chamomila (Chamomile). German Chamomile is an extremely gentle, calming and soothing hydrosol. It help tone, hydrate and balance with wonderful nourishing properties.

All hydrosols & ACV are lower pH and 100% water-based properties help skin naturally hydrate & retain moisture throughout the day. Revive dehydrate skin with our organic nutrient-rich botanical and antioxidant packed botanicals. 

Skin Type 

Blemished, oily, combination

100% Natural plant-based & water-based ingredients

Organic USDA German-Matricaria Chamomila (German Chamomile) hydrosol

How to use

Mist as refreshing floral spray, gentle to use for all skin types. A lovely face toner to use throughout the day to rehydrate, revive and refresh skin. Great for yoga, bed lining, gentle for baby, make-up setting and pets.

  • No oils, parabens, phthalates

  • No artificial fragrances, synthetic colors or dyes

  • No animal testing, 100% vegan

  • USDA certified ingredients from small organic farms in the US  





Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lindsay H
Love it

Very refreshing! I actually use it as a perfume, too.

Gisela Torres
organic german chamomile floral toner

I love this product! I had been looking for a toner made of German chamomile for decades now because the product that I use to buy was no longer available; the company went out of business. In my opinion, German chamomile is the best. I love how soothing it feels when I put it on my skin. The other benefits are that it clears the skin of blemishes and tightens the skin; visible over time. I would also like a cream made of German chamomile.I highly recommend this product.

Stefanie DeMeis
Great product

I would highly recommend this hydrosol. It is wonderful under my serum. I have mild rosacea and try to control the red flare ups and this is definitely an asset in doing that. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Excellent product

The toner is very calming to the skin. I have severe rosacea. Thank you.

Excellent Toner!

We are loving the toners we bought! My daughter and I (13 and 40) are both benefiting from the clearing and soothing quality of the ingredients. Her skin has cleared up! We are grateful to have found the company, we can tell they care. Thank you!