July 01, 2019 4 min read

In 2012, I had recently graduated college. I began working on my Master’s degree full time while also working as a high school teacher full time. I worked from 630am to 3pm, then went straight to class until 8pm. 

I had little time for anything, let alone healthy meals.

With my busy schedule and unhealthy eating habits, I had begun to gain a lot of weight.

My New Year’s Resolution was to lose all the weight that I had gained since graduating college in 2010 while simultaneously working full time and going to school full time. 

And I did it. I felt like a boss. I had little time for a social life, sure, but I was killing it in school as a teacher and as a student! And I had completely done a 180-degree transformation in my eating habits!

I lost the weight in 2013. I began a consistent gym routine in between work and school. I cooked for myself and was feeling great!

Except for the unexpected surprise that came along with an intense workout regimen: facial acne.

I was finally eating all the right things yet I was suffering from something I thought could only be caused by poor eating.

Boy, was I wrong. 

For the entire month of January, when I started working on my New Year’s Resolution by eating healthy and going to the gym, I started to see the slow progression of pimples on my chin.

At first, I thought it was the usual breakout. But after two weeks, I had grown what I call an acne beard on my chin, and there was no sign of it going away.

One pimple would disappear to make way to three more!

And to add to an already fully-booked schedule, I now had to find solutions to the acne beard that was in full swing by February 2013.

Not because of Valentine’s Day… but because I didn’t feel very confident anymore.

Sure, I had lost a ton of weight and I was eating healthy and I was feeling great.

But my face… a person’s face is the first introduction to any conversation. 

And as a teacher at a high school… let’s just say that hormonal teenagers are not necessarily the kindest!


So off to the internet I went, in search for product after product that promised to treat my acne and clear my face.

No solutions.

The results? Dry, red facial skin that needed so much moisturizer and love…

I was using all the wrong products and doing all the wrong things.

I even tried some at-home remedies, including placing toothpaste on my pimples.

That only served to dry my face even more (although I did smell minty fresh daily for weeks!). 

On one particularly exhausting all-nighter, I decided to search on Amazon for an all-natural and gentle acne solution.

The very first search result: Hello Cider.

After reading the reviews and reading the ingredients, I was determined to give it a try. The price tag was also a plus!

When it finally arrived, I was scared to try it. I had been trying Apple Cider Vinegar on its own on my face, and it was starting to do the same thing that other products would do. It was leaving my skin red and feeling sensitive, and I didn’t want a repeat

And, if we’re being honest, I was also scared that the smell would be too strong for me to want it on my face.

When I opened the first wipe, I was pretty pleasantly surprised that the smell was nothing like raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Because of the rose and the other ingredients used in the wipes, the smell was more than bearable. 

After using the wipes for about 3 weeks, I was hooked. My chin began to clear up after only using the wipes in the morning and before going to bed. 

It was also very gentle and didn’t dry out my face at all. 

I also tried these helpful tips from Hello Cider to help the healing process.

And it worked. Ladies and gentlemen, I finally had clear skin again.
My face is naturally acne prone and I still get the occasional breakout, especially during stressful seasons of life or certain times of the month.
But with Hello Cider, I do not ever have to worry. 

In 2016, I got married. During the 6 months prior to my big day, I consistently used Hello Cider wipes and toner on my skin to avoid any kind of unexpected (and unwanted!) acne on my wedding day and during my honeymoon.

I was successful! My wedding day came, and the last thing on my mind was my acne.

Our wedding and honeymoon pictures are wonderful, and acne free.

And I have Hello Cider to thank.

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