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Does it seem like you have you tried almost  everything to get rid of your acne?

We know that feeling. Getting rid of acne seems much harder to do than finding something that  ACTUALLY WORKS.

Sometimes over-the-counter and at-home remedies don’t seem to be doing the trick. They’re a dime a dozen, yet they aren’t giving you the clear, healthy skin you need.

Below we are giving you a list of five easy-to-implement changes to your skincare routine. Try out these quick acne tips, and share your results with us!

1.  Sanitize your bedsheets.

 Dead skin cells and bacteria can live in your pillowcases, bedsheets, and blankets. How GROSS does that sound?

Those dead skin cells and bacteria can clog your pores.

The dirt that accumulates on your pillowcases and sheets can also clog your pores, making it nearly impossible for an acne solution to work effectively.

 If this is making you seriously reconsider whether or not to keep your old bedsheets, buy new ones!

 Want a more cost-effective solution?

Simply wash your sheets every 2-3 days. Make sure to use hypoallergenic detergent good for use on sensitive skin just in case your face is sensitive to the fragrances or harsh ingredients in regular laundry detergents.

 Try using hypoallergenic fabric softener and dryer sheets as well!

  2.    Read the labels on your hair care products.

 Being entirely committed to a hair product is completely understandable! We need our lovely locks to stay healthy and to look fresh… until it makes our face take a turn for the worse.

 Sometimes, hair care products could be the culprit behind the breakouts along the edge of your face or wherever your hair may be touching your face, depending on your hairstyle.

Check the ingredients on your hair care products. If they contain oil, then they may be causing your breakouts.

 The oil gets trapped in your pores which clogs them, potentially causing acne.


 If you think your hair products (or even your skin care products that include oils!) is causing your breakouts, search for hair products that specifically say “oil-free”.

 Try some out and see which works best for your hair AND your skin!

 And don’t forget- all the things that your hair has touched may still be carrying the oil residue, continuing to cause your breakouts (ie, headbands, sunhats, and the sheets and pillowcases from our first point!)

3.    Use a face moisturizer.

 It may seem counterintuitive, especially after the points above, but this one is pretty important.

 Although your face may seem or feel incredibly oily because of the acne and the breakouts, most at-home acne treatments include some pretty harsh chemicals that will dry out your skin.

 Your body’s natural response to dry skin is to produce more oil.

 And what is your face’s response to that extra oil?

 Clogged pores, and more acne.

 Choosing a face moisturizer can prevent the dryness, puffiness, and irritation that can occur from using some at-home acne products.

 And just as with the detergents and hair products above, make sure to search for a moisturizer that won’t clog your pores and is oil free! 

4.   Give your acne treatment some time to deliver its promised results.

 If you’ve been trying different things with no immediate results, don’t fret. It’s likely that you haven’t been giving it a fair chance.

 First, trying these tips alongside your acne treatment may be a great way to help get the results you’re looking for.

 Second, keep in mind that most over-the-counter, at-home, or prescription acne treatments will take about 6-8 weeks to fully kick in. Be patient, and give it some time.

 Third, try changing the acne solution if it simply isn’t working.

 To what?

 Glad you asked!

5.    Try Hello Cider!

Have you read our story? We know firsthand what it is like to try everything under the sun with no results. We wanted an acne treatment that works.

 Which is exactly how Hello Cider was born. As chemists, we were taken aback by the lack of results from so many products and even prescribed solutions from our daughter’s dermatologist.

 We couldn’t find an acne product that would effectively deliver on its promises, so we created one!

 After hearing so much about Apple Cider Vinegar, we began to do our own research and trying our face toner solution on our daughter.

 The results weredramatic.

 Since then, we have created our own products using only the best, organic, natural ingredients that mother nature has to offer, free of parabens, oils, and harsh chemicals.

 Have you also tried everything out there with no results? Give Hello Cider a try.

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