October 01, 2019 5 min read

Meet Nikki. Learn about her experience with our Hello Cider products after developing rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. 

Thank you for your story, Nikki!


My skin has always required special attention.

I have sensitive, combination skin with an oily t-zone. I have a fair complexion and faint freckling though I wear sunscreen every day.

After my last pregnancy, however, I developed some melisma and pregnancy-induced rosacea as well as seborrheic dermatitis. After having my youngest son, my hormones wreaked havoc on my skin and the rosacea was so bad that my dermatologist thought I had a sunburn when I first walked into his office!

Needless to say, I have to be extremely careful with what I choose to use on my skin.

 I actually have Ocular Rosacea too, so it's in my eyes now. I wasn't aware that could even happen but apparently 1% of all people with facial Rosacea get Ocular Rosacea.

Along with the skin rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, the ocular rosacea also affects which facial products I can use.

During the worst flare-ups, even warm water became painful to use. My cheeks would be on fire and have papules (acne-like bumps). My eyes would turn very red and dry and burn if I used any facial products with even mild chemicals or odors. I was still breaking out in acne but couldn't apply most commercial products without aggravating the rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis.

Because of my sensitivity to most commercial products and their ingredients, I began exploring natural remedies for my skin. I had used the mother from pure Apple Cider Vinegar in the past to help with my acne, but I had to dilute it with water so that it would be more gentle on my skin.

(“The mother” is the substance made up of acetic acid, which contains good bacteria and enzymes. It is the cloudy substance you see in Apple Cider Vinegar.)

After using it for a bit, I began looking for products that used ACV and the mother that were also soothing and did not need to be diluted. I wanted something that was gentle enough for my skin, but tough enough to give me some rest and calmness for my skin.

One day, I came across Hello Cider on Amazon and was immediately drawn to the simple, clean ingredient list and the positive reviews. I decided to give their ACV toner a try.

I began using Hello Cider when the Rosacea was still present but not flaring too badly. Due to the sensitive nature of my skin, I tend to see results (whether positive or negative) quite quickly when trying anything new. 

With Hello Cider, I had almost immediate results. Within 24 hours I noticed a positive change in my skin: it was clearer; my pores were less enlarged; my t-zone was less oily, and my cheeks were overall less ruddy where I have the rosacea.

Prior to this, I was very limited to what I could use so I did expect some change and I was VERY happy with the change I did see.

Hello Cider’s ACV hydrosol toner feels good on my skin- very fresh with no residue. I haven't had a single serious rosacea flare since I started using Hello Cider!

The primary triggers for my rosacea are sun exposure and heat exposure. I mitigate those triggers by using sunscreen and staying away from the sun when needed.

 However, Hello Cider’s products are gentle enough for my skincare routine. Generally, most topical products can irritate rosacea areas which trigger a major flare-up (like salicylic acid, which irritates immediately). Hello Cider does not contain any harsh chemicals (it doesn’t contain any chemicals at all!), and it does not make my rosacea flare-up.

 Something else that is extremely important to note: typically, my skin adapts to a product within 2 months of continuous use. After that, it begins to lose its effectiveness on my skin. I continue to use it for a bit to ensure that the loss of effectiveness is not temporary, but shortly after it stops working altogether.  

Also, once the seasons change or the weather changes my skin reacts and I have to adjust my products. I tend to have certain go-to products that I rotate seasonally or when my hormones are running rampant.

I was very pleased to note that I have yet to experience any loss of effectiveness with the Hello Cider products. In fact, I use the ACV Hydrosol Toner twice daily as part of my normal skincare routine. It's been 2 years of daily use and I am so grateful I found it. See photo below of recent picture.


I love the ACV Hydrosol Toner the most - the hints of vanilla are wonderful and the air-tight spray bottle helps keep the ACV fresh the longest.

I also use the packaged wipes because they are super convenient for when I travel and just to keep in my purse to freshen up. I also appreciate the material used for the packaged wipes; it's thick and soft and pulls oil and make-up from my skin easily without drying or scratching.

Recently my grandmother became very ill and though she is home now she requires 24/7 care for the next while. This, my normal work schedule, and parenting 3 children leaves me with little time and energy to complete my normal skincare routine before bed. This is where Hello Cider has been a life-saver.

On the nights I am too tired, I just use a special eye-makeup/eye cleansing pad for my Ocular Rosacea and then I simply soak a cotton pad in the ACV Hydrosol and clean my face thoroughly. I don’t wear heavy make-up but I do wear sunscreen and some cover-up if needed so usually one or two pads are all I need for my face to be clean. My skin has stayed clear and healthy despite straying from my normal full routine and not using any water to cleanse.

I have a lot of experience using organic-based products and ACV in general, and I think Hello Cider has done an amazing job creating products that provide the benefits of ACV while adding in ingredients that complement it.

Overall, I have had an amazing experience with both the Hello Cider products as well as the customer service and the owner, Mai. The company communication is efficient, fantastic and so personal – they genuinely care about my thoughts and satisfaction as a customer.

 Having very sensitive skin requires a constant balancing act and Hello Cider has made a significant difference in my ability to maintain that balance.

Thank you, Hello Cider.