Clay mask apple/charcoal

Hello Cider's bamboo charcoal cv clay mask.

A amazing blend of kaolin clay, bamboo charcoal powder, organic apple cider vinegar powder, organic vanilla pod powder.

Organic apple cider vinegar, formulated just enough to lower skin pH, reduce inflammation and acne. 

Bamboo charcoal with rich earth minerals to a deep detox clean, help draw out impurities and debris.

First ever on the market, we work with a local vanilla company to add organic vanilla powder for all of our masks. You will love the light hint of vanilla plus its gentle exfoliating power for a light cleansing, help removing dead skin for a smooth texture, radiant and glowing feel. 

Skin Type

Normal, Dry, and Acne


Kaolin clay, bamboo charcoal powder, organic apple cider vinegar powder, organic vanilla pod powder. 3.5 oz 

How to use

Blend half teaspoon of mask powder with 1-2 tea spoon of water or hydrosol in a small bowl, mix well until smooth and creamy consistency. Apply to clean skin in an even layer. Massage onto face for 40 seconds (or more if needed) and rinse off with warm water. 

Follow up with a few spray of hydrosol toner as needed. Best to use with tea tree  & witch hazel hydrosol follow with a few drop of hello cider green tea serum.

No parabens, phthalates, gluten or chemicals 

No artificial fragrances, synthetic colors or dyes

No animal testing, 100% vegan

USDA certified organic ingredients from small organic farms in the US

Small batches, handcrafted from San Luis Obispo CA


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rebecca T
Great product!

Arrived fast, with a very sweet handwritten thank you card which was such a nice touch, and they threw in a few little surprises as well. The product is great snd easy to use and my skin feels so clean after. Thank you!

Lucky husband!!

I bought a set of brush, bowl and spoon with charcoal mask for my husband. It’s hard to get him to slow down for a minute but this really did the trick and his sensitive skin is smooth and glowing in the nicest way. Thank you so much!

Sedona Gal

I absolutely love this mask! It comes in a dry powder and I mix with water, it's so easy. I just leave it on a couple of minutes and then wash it off. I follow up with an apple cider vinegar face wipe and my skin feels so refreshed and cleaned naturally! Your skin is your largest organ and its so important to use natural products. Thank you Hello Cider for adding the mask product, I've been waiting for it!

NYC mom
Face mask exceeded expectations!

We were anxious to try yet another amazing Hello Cider product- the new Charcoal clay face mask - and HC did not disappoint! My teen daughter and I both tried it as soon as it arrived in the very special packaging. Our faces felt incredible after only a minute or two. Honestly, my skin STILL felt clean and refreshed 5 days later! Mixing the mask and applying it was so simple. We have been using all the HC products for 5-6 years and my daughter’s skin has definitely benefited from the organic ingredients. I only trust the HC brand of all natural cleansing products. Hell Cider customer service is second to none because the owner genuinely cares about each customer and each order. I will be ordering the other mask scents soon! Thank you HC for expanding your product line to include these wonderful clay masks!