Organic face soap dead sea mud

Certified organic by QAI, this popular soap set is a blend of dead sea mud with a hint of neroli (orange blossom) oil. 


Dead sea mud, neroli essential oil, pure saponified oils of palm, coconut, castor, olive and sunflower. 

Small batch, handmade from Austin TX. 

Customer Reviews

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Alexa Dusek
My Go To Cleanser

I love this face wash! I have struggled with acne since middle school (I’m 28 now) and this is the first cleanser I have used that actually clears up my breakouts! I use it morning and night, and follow with either the facial wipes or the acne facial toner, and then my rose and rose hip oil with my facial moisturizer!

Happy, Happy, Happy! 🥰

This soap is absolutely incredible!! I've never had anything clean my skin like this! It digs out all those impurities, leaving behind a soft and smooth face! I love it so much, I'll literally wash my face several times a day when I can! I definitely recommend!

Colleen H.
Love them!!!

The Dead Sea Mud Soap has been great for my skin! And since the weathers starting to warm up (just a little) the amount of sunscreen I use is increasing too, and this soap does a great job clearing all that left over sun protection out of my pores, leaving my face clean yet still very soft and hydrated!

Since the Toockies Scrub-Z pack came with 2 cloths, I'm using one for my dishes and one for my body in the shower! As a dish cloth, I love that it's easily washable and tough enough to remove stuck on food from my pots/dishes but doesn't leave behind scratches!
As an exfoliating cloth it's very comfortable on my skin. It's textured enough that I can feel it removing dead skin cells, but it's not too rough!
I'm so happy with these products!

Terri Lucher

I Love This Soap... I have noticed my skin isn't as oily after using.. and the scrub pad exfoliates my skin... I Love This Brand... The customer service is amazing... Good Customer Service is harder and harder to come and I really appreciate how nice Hello Cider Is... Shipped items are packaged very Beautiful, good enough to gift... I originally ordered the apple cider wipes for my Bulldogs wrinkles and they work better than the pads from the vet... I started trying products for me and I Love everything I've tried so far.

Love it!

This is one of the best soaps I’ve ever tried. I’m an active person with sensitive skin which leaves my body prone to breakouts. This soap is one of the few products I’ve tried that keeps my skin clear without all the harsh chemicals and dryness.