Organic lavender floral facial spray


Lavender Hydrosol is the steam distillate from the fresh, organic lavender blossom (Lavandula angustifolia). It is a favorite floral hydrosol widely used health & beauty products for skin and hair. It is known to help address skin problems related to acne and rashes. Lavender Hydrosol is wonderful as a soothing, hydrating & relaxing toner. 

All hydrosols & ACV are lower pH and 100% water-based properties help skin naturally hydrate & retain moisture throughout the day. Revive dehydrate skin with our organic nutrient-rich botanical and antioxidant packed botanicals. 

Skin Type 
Blemished, oily, combination
100% Natural plant-based & water-based ingredients

Organic USDALavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) hydrosol

How to use
Mist as refreshing face toner, gentle to use for all skin types. A lovely face toner to use throughout the day to rehydrate. Great for yoga, bed lining, gentle for baby, make-up setting spray and pets.

  • No oils, parabens, phthalates
  • No artificial fragrances, synthetic colors or dyes
  • No animal testing, 100% vegan
  • USDA certified ingredients from small organic farms in the US  






Safety Guidelines: Do not take our products internally. Do not apply directly to the skin, eyes or mucous membranes. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not use this product without first consulting a licensed healthcare practitioner. The information on this web-site is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any disease or health condition. The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Great product

Shari Alllison
Lavender Hyrdrosol

Great product!

Julie Glingle

It works better than other creams Ive used. It tightens my smile lines so I dont look so old. I can feel it tighten my cheeks/face. I Really like it! You will too

Kirsten Benfield
My one and only toner!

I started using the lavender face toner this summer and noticed my skin tone improved within a few weeks - even my husband noticed. I am almost 50 and started to get adult acne. This toner has worked magic on my acne. Over the holidays I ran out and to save money for Christmas I used my old toner thinking it would be no big deal for a month. My skin tone started to change and I started to break out again - lesson learned! I have migraines and am sensitive to scents but the lavender toner does not bother my nose. It's a wonderful product!

So refreshing!

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It's so refreshing to spray right on your face. It is soothing on my skin and my senses! The lavender smells amazing and helps bring a sense of calmness in the craziness that is a morning with 3 kids. :) I've also sprayed it on my child's sheets (and my own!) to help relax at night.