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Have you heard of Tea Tree oil? Perhaps you’ve seen it advertised on shampoos or even as a miracle essential oil remedy.

But have you ever really understood what is behind the hype for this natural herb and oil? 

Many products seem to have jumped on the Tea Tree bandwagon because the benefits associated to Tea Tree oil seem to range from aiding with skin infections to clearing fungal infections.

Here are the facts.

What is Tea Tree?

Native to Australia, the Tea Tree plant (also known asMelaleuca Alternifolia, orMelaleuca for short) has small, needle-like leaves, like a pine tree, and its flowers are white and paper-like.

In Australia, Tea Tree is cultivated on a large scale in order to extract the essential oil from the plant for commercial purposes. 

(You can learn more about how essential oils are extracted from plants in our Hydrosol article!)

But why has its popularity grown so exponentially that it is now commonly used in many cleaning, nutritional, health and beauty products?

Somelab studies have shown that Tea Tree oil does in fact possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, supporting what has been believed and practiced by people in many cultures searching for natural or alternative remedies. 

You see, people all over the world have been using Tea Tree oil as an antimicrobial agent for years, and with these lab studies and word-of-mouth testimonials about its benefits, various health and beauty industries have incorporated Tea Tree into their products.

Including Hello Cider. 

Tea Tree Oil vs Tea Tree Hydrosol

We believe in the beneficial properties of Tea Tree for skincare because we have seen the results first hand.  

This is why we only use the freshest botanicals straight from the source. At Hello Cider, we source our organic Tea Tree straight from Australia! 

However, we do not use Tea Tree oil. Instead, we use the Tea Treehydrosol produced in the steam distillation process. 

(In this process, two things are produced. One of them is the essential oil that is widely used and known. The other is thehydrosol, which is not so widely known but possesses similar, beneficial properties as the essential oil. Read morehere.)

Why do we choose to use the Tea Tree hydrosol instead of the essential oil? 

Glad you asked!

All of our hydrosols are organic, natural, gentle, water-based skincare products that are ideal for any and all skin types because we use only natural, fresh plants. 

Our hydrosols do not irritate the skin as an essential oil would. 

For most essential oils, including those that are especially potent (like Tea Tree), it is never recommended for use directly on the skin without diluting it first.

Because our hydrosols are water-based, dilution is not necessary, making it safe to apply to your skin.

In our distillation process, the full Tea Tree blossom, leaves, and other parts of the Tea Tree plant are used to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

This means that the same therapeutic and beneficial properties that are present in the Tea Tree oil are also present in the hydrosol.

But how exactly can these beneficial properties be used?

Tea Tree Benefits and Uses

As mentioned, people all over the world have used and continue to use Tea Tree oil as an antimicrobial agent.

Using the hydrosol, you can do the same. 

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of the Tea Tree plant are present in the hydrosol, which means that you can use our hydrosol on any and all skin types! These properties can help address any puffiness, redness, or irritation.

You can even use the hydrosol on your scalp to help soothe red, itchy skin.

And perhaps the most astounding use of all, our tea tree oil can help address an important skin issue.

Some clinical studies suggest that the benefits of using tea tree oil on acne-prone skin are comparable to the benefits of using the chemical benzoyl peroxide. 

Some acne is caused by bacteria in the skin and results in the classic inflammation we know as pimples, or acne. Tea tree oil contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which work to clear some of the harmful bacteria from the skin.

It anti-inflammatory properties combat the redness and inflammation that is caused by these bacteria.  

Because our tea tree hydrosol is water (not oil!) based yet contains the same properties as the oil, it can be used similarly with a much more gentle and soothing effect, making it perfect for acne-prone skin!

Simply apply the hydrosol onto a cotton ball or pad and apply it on your skin daily, once or twice a day.

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