November 01, 2018 4 min read

At Hello Cider, we are committed to providing our customers with skincare products created locally using only nature’s best.

We stand by our face toners because they have been created using only the best, most fresh, natural ingredients. And if you’ve noticed, we have called them “hydrosols” … not as a gimmick, but because that’s exactly what they are. 

Have you ever heard of a hydrosol? Perhaps you’re familiar with them, or perhaps this term is completely new to you. 

Let us explain.

What is a Hydrosol?

To correctly show what a hydrosol is, it is better to explain how it is produced. 

If you’ve ever used or smelled essential oils, then you’re already familiar with hydrosols. Hydrosols arenot essential oils, but they are related as they are acquired using the same process.

In order to produce the essential oils that are widely used and known for their therapeutic and holistic properties, the entire plant matter (stem, leaves, flower, etc.) is steam-distilled. 

Put simply, when that plant matter is heated and boiled in water, steam is produced. The steam produced is then cooled down and condensed, turning the steam into water and oil. 

Naturally, because water and oil don’t mix, the oil floats above the water distillate, and it is then separated (and quality controlled, of course). These are what we recognize as essential oils. 

The aromatic water solution underneath that is the hydrosol (hydro: water & sol: solution)

Why use a hydrosol instead of an essential oil for skincare?

Most companies have focused exclusively on the essential oil that results from this steam distillation process. 

However, we have chosen to use the hydrosol in our collection instead. Why? 

The process to produce the essential oil and the hydrosol of any plant is the same, yet the constituents of both are not. So while they’re both obtained the same way, some properties may be found in one that are not found in the other

The properties found in the hydrosols we distill and use are widely attributed to any and all skincare needs, from oily skin, to rejuvenating and balancing the skin as a toner. They’re also widely used as aromatherapy, for setting makeup, as bug repellants, and to refresh the skin! 

And that is exactly why we use them in our face toners (and our face wipes!).

You see, hydrosols are far less concentrated than essential oils. The aroma is the same, but the hydrosol is more gentle than an essential oil.

Hydrosols do not require dilution before any kind of skin application, although they can be since they are not an oil (water and oil don’t mix!).

Again, this is why we prefer hydrosols.

How to use our hydrosols

The benefits of incorporating a hydrosol into your daily routine are plenty. Even before applying our hydrosols, you’ll be able to experience the aromatherapy benefits safely. 

Then, make sure to apply the hydrosol using a cotton ball or pad instead of your hand, since it is easily absorbed upon touching your skin!

Perhaps you’ve used essential oils before. Have they ever touched your clothes or furniture? Getting them out is a nightmare!

Our hydrosols, however, are not. They’re much less likely to stain your clothes or fabric.

In fact, our hydrosols are so gentle that you can spray it on your linen or in the air for a lovely, fresh scent, or on yourself as perfume… or even in place of dryer sheets after drying your clothes!

Some extra tips

Because our hydrosols are all-natural and organic, they do have a shelf-life. We suggest using them within 6 months of opening, although we are sure you’ll be back for more before then!

Plus, using the hydrosol while cold makes for a refreshing mist when you need a pick-me-up or on a hot, summer day!

And a word of warning: be careful with cheap, imitation hydrosols that may be shipped from faraway places or were made with no guarantee on the process and plants used. Since hydrosols are water-based, they are perishable if distilled incorrectly, shipped overseas for too long or using incorrect temperatures, and left too long on the shelf.

Hello Cider Guarantee

At Hello Cider, we work closely with local, certified organic farmers. We use only fresh flowers, leaves and other parts of plants, which are delicately hand-picked and distilled right at the time of harvest, when they are at their therapeutic peak.

We offer you a wonderful collection of only the best hydrosols for any and all skin types. The therapeutic nature of each balanced formula has been tested and quality assured. All products are 100% pure, natural, organic, and vegan. 

In short, Hello Cider presents a purity and process you can trust, made locally, just for you. 

Each of our hydrosols has a detailed explanation of the plant used and its benefits for your skincare and every day needs. 

Check out our hydrosol collectionhere!

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