April 01, 2019 3 min read

Meet Kelly. She is one of our wonderful customers that has shared her skincare struggles and her personal experience with our Hello Cider collection.
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Unlike many others, I never had any skin issues as a teenager. Besides the occasional breakout that typically occurred around period time, I was always told that I had great skin. I was even known for my clear skin. I was never nervous to go out makeup-free. I would wear minimal foundation or even no makeup on the weekends. 
But things changed recently. I began to notice some changes on my face about 18 months ago. Those “changes” became skin problems, and I was not ready for them.  
At first, I thought it was due to a medication or maybe due to hormones. I started trying tons of different products- from lotions to cleansers to face masks to skin treatments… with little to no results.
My skin was red and angry because of all the products I was using, and it was overly dry. 
This became such an issue that I literally wanted to hide in my house.I was horrified and embarrassed.I was covering my skin with full coverage makeup, something I never had to do before.And of course, the makeup would make my skin even worse. 
I even asked friends if they were experiencing this, due to our age. They weren't having these issues.
At 36, I shouldn’t be dealing with severe acne!

Before, it would take 5 minutes to do makeup, if I put any on at all. Now, it took 15 minutes to treat acne alone. My nightly routine now required many more steps to remove makeup, put treatments on, etc. I turned into a complete recluse and I hated every extra minute I had to spend taking care of something that I had no control over.
This began to really affect my confidence. I didn't want to date or talk to people at work. I started wearing my hair down. I even had acne all along my hairline!
I finally asked a dermatologist for help. After studying my face, she recommended that I take a pill. But, similar to the Hello Cider story, I didn't want to add a pill to my regimen. 
Both my gynecologist and dermatologist said that this type of acne can start in your 30's. I just hate that this is the answer that I was given. Why now? Why me?

Recently, I found Hello Cider through Instagram. I had never heard of Hello Cider and had never used their products before, but I had read about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.
After seeing some of Hello Cider’s reviews, I decided to give it a try. 
But if I’m honest, I didn't really think that the products would have any effect on my skin. I had lost confidence in any products that “could help,” after trying so many.
Nevertheless, I was looking forward to receiving my Hello Cider shipment.
And what happened?
I honestly thought the redness was improving by the first day of use. I thought some of the spots were already shrinking. But was it really, or was I seeing what I wanted to see? 
I was afraid to get excited. 
So I started using them morning and night to test if the wipes were actually working.
In about 4-5 days, my face was clear. You read that right. Clear. I literally wanted to cry when my acne was GONE.
I experienced calm, less red skin almost immediately. I couldn't believe how fast the product started working. As I mentioned previously, I read that Apple Cider Vinegar was great for the body, but I didn't know that it would work so well for my face! I was shocked that the product worked so quickly! 
And although this entire experience with acne was extremely frustrating to say the least, it was a blessing in disguise. 
It helped me take better care of my face, and I have included an entire skincare regimen to my routine. 
And it also led me to try Hello Cider’s clean products.
The entire experience was also costly because aside from makeup, I had to try a bunch of things that didn’t work. Although I am still using one of the gels that I was using before, it takes about 4 months to work and it isn’t cheap. 
Hello Cider, however, is priced so well! I love the prepackaged wipes!At this price point and a clean, natural, organic, easy-to-pack product, why not give it a try?

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