September 14, 2020 4 min read

September is  Self-Care Awarenessmonth, and we are so excited to share our self-care tips in this month’s blog post!

At Hello Cider, we think self care should be a daily act of self love, and we create self care products that enhance your all-natural self-care routine.  And we bring them right to your doorstep. 

Welcome to September! The kids are back in school (sort of), fall is around the corner, and the year is beginning to wind down.

September is  self-care awareness month, and it couldn’t come at a better time!

Why? Because we can start to sense that the holidays are not too far away. 

Yes, you read that right: the holidays! Have you seen the major department stores already selling the holiday decorations?

And, if we’re honest, the holidays can be quite stressful!

Shopping for the perfect gift, planning events, and trying to do it all while six feet apart will be especially stressful this year.

September seems to be the perfect time to pause, take a deep breath, and create a self care plan that we can carry through to the end of the year.

5 Self Care Tips for a Daily Self Care Routine

  1. Go outside.

Plain and simple: our bodies need the sun. 

The sun provides our bodies with the natural benefits of Vitamin D, which helps our cells absorb calcium. 

In fact, low levels of Vitamin D can lead to  depression and muscle weakness

Take care of your physical self and sit outside for about 10-15 minutes, at least three times a week.

(Hello Cider tip: our refreshing  Cucumber hydrosol and our energizing  Blood Orange hydrosol are so much fun for your skin after the sun! Cool off with a couple of sprays on your face and body.)

  • Take a breath.

  • The hustle and bustle of the holidays can leave us running on autopilot. 

    Our bodies have become so accustomed to our fast-paced lifestyle that even our breathing has acclimated to it. 

    Pausing to take intentional deep breaths have been proven to calm our brain and  trigger relaxation.

    First, get comfortable. A comfy chair or your bed works!

    Start by taking one long, deep breath trough your nose, then slowly release it through your nose. 

    Repeat this 3-5 times. Don’t rush! 

    This deep breathing  guide can help.

  • Move your body.

  • Sometimes our bodies crave movement. We know the benefits of exercise, but we don’t get our bodies up to move. 

    For some, exercise has been permanently related to a punishment for over-indulging in different foods, and it carries with it a bad connotation.

    But our bodies need exercise to feel good. Our bodies need movement.

    Lets disassociate exercise with punishment, and lets start seeing it as something our body needs to thrive. 

    Something to do for self care and empowerment. 

    Choose whichever movement you love (yoga, running, walking, dancing, riding a bike, even a fitness class), and just do it!

    Here’s a  guide for more exercise tips!

    (Hello Cider tip: After breaking a little sweat, our  ACV wipes are perfectly portable to give your face a quick cleanse!)

  • Journal your thoughts.

  • In one day, the average person can have anywhere between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts.  Research has found that about 80% of those thoughts arenegative thoughts. 

    That’s 48,000 negative thoughts stored in your brain with nowhere to go!

    Journaling can be a powerful tool to get those thoughts on paper, explore your feelings, and let go of stress. 

    It can help clear your mind and even give you the space to express gratitude daily. 

    Explore some journaling prompts  here

  • Explore aromatherapy.

  • Aromatherapy is a holistic practice that links the scents of natural plants extracts to promote wellbeing and self care. 

    It has been used for  thousands of years and is still widely used today with diffusers, essential oils, bath salts, and even the lotions you use.

    The most used scents for stress relief that promote a sense of calm and stillness are lavender, roman chamomile, and eucalyptus, among others.

    Start with a diffuser and the appropriate essential oils that promote calm and stress relief. Use it in your bedroom or living room, especially during your breathing exercises and journaling!

    Remember to read the labels on the essential oils. Many are not safe for use on skin!

    (Hello Cider tip: Our  Lavender hydrosol and  Chamomile hydrosol use the same extracts that can reduce stress, but because they are water-based, they are safe for skin! Try spraying them on your linen, clothes, face, or furniture to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.)

    Daily Self Care

    “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” -Unknown

    The benefits of taking care of yourself spill over to others. Let’s make September the month we focus on filling our cups and taking care of ourselves, daily.

    Incorporate these 5 tips for self care in your daily self care routine, or adopt them as your brand new self care routine.

    Need a little boost? Let our  all-natural self-care products help!